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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  June 29, 2018 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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>> but it is important it hear from all of these peopledded in administration who really lift up everybody in this country with their optimism about the economy, and the direction and they just want american prosperity, and that's really -- happiness. >> as do we thanks everybody. have a great day and join me with varney "varney & company." >> good morning everyone. let's start this friday with sol good news about your money. we're going to get close to a triple digit gain for the dow at opening bell maybe 80, 90 point now there was a report earlier that president trump would withdraw from the world trade organization. that briefly hurt stock but we're now back on track for a pretty solid gain. do watch the technology stocks because they again are leading this friday morning rally. president trump he was in wisconsin with last night he was a campaign stool rally. big boisterous crowd as usual spoke warmly about the company
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that will open a big factory in wisconsin. and he dispairnged another wisconsin company harley-davidson which has annoyed the president for planning to build bikes in europe. good harley bad -- finally california does something we like -- who would have known it has a new internet privacy law. you consumers get more control over our personal information. you can tell them to delete the information. youtell them not to sell or shae it that is pretty good. it is friday so a big show is guaranteed. "varney & company" is about to again. ♪ the deadly shooting in annapolis we have a name and picture of the suspect and this morning, capital gazette did put out
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their paper. >> remarkable 38-year-old garrett walked into that newspaper, the capital gazette early yesterday afternoon fire throed a glass door and then literally walked into the the newsroom and people working there had nowhere to run. they some try to get out of the back door that door was locked but left to cower under their desks the suspect with a shotgun and smoke grenades apparently -- he killed five work ergs injured two others. there he is. that's the individual. he had a grudge with the newspaper that this capital gazette filed a defamation suit back in 2012 and reported on his harassment of a woman on social media. and -- disparaging things that can become more increasingly violent he'll be in court this morning in maryland with a bail hearing and he does face charges of first-degree murder five kowngts. >> all right ashley thank you very much indeed.
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during a beverly hills fundraiser thursday night, with last night -- former president obama slammed the gop he said the other side is angry all pflt time. they're mad. even when they win that's what he said. joining us now washington times ed story o'connor and brought john mccain back and campaigning in ohio. why the democrats bringing them back snow? >> they need to raise money that's why he was in beverly hills interesting they're not bringing hillary clinton out for these stuart. it is fascinating that -- >> that is sarcasm. >> i serve that up every day. the president is acknowledging at least republicans are are winning and republicans should actually feel good about their lghtive agenda and also the supreme court decisions that have come down thanks to the president's -- position of putting neil gorsuch on the supreme court. but here's the problem it is also american people who are winning and that's the problem for obama and democrats is that -- most americans are feeling a lot better about economy feeling
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that president trump is man to steer this economy and six months after the tax cuts things are pretty good right now for republicans. >> you look at prosperity and immigration, and if you with look at other aspects of our politics, i think things are drifting towards the president drifting towards the gop. i don't think that blue wave will happen. what about you? >> going to be a blue rippling of some kind but i'm looking right now like i don't think they're going get the majority in fact house. i think the republicans will hold on majority. that will be a huge story by the way considering this news cycle and by the way stuart, one other point about this -- it is io ron toik hear president obama say that the republicans are ones who are angry with just several days ago we saw a democrat activist taking to the streights and stocking member of the trump administration likening us to senate diseetion that's a lot offing anger and hostility. >> that occurred to me as well. look at this house republicans
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did they get into a verbal fight with deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and fbi director chris ray. it was tense. roll tape. never misled us or you guys hiding information from us who tell a witness not to answer our questions. who we supposedded to belief? we've seen -- we immediate to seat evidence if you have evidence of wrong doing by any member of the trump are campaign present it to the damn grand jury. whatever you've got. finish it the hell up. this country ising being torn apart. by the way, larry a house resolution demands those records by july the 6th or else. so do you think we will finally get to the bottom of the deep state thing? >> well, i should hope so and i think that both congressman jordan make really important points here. there's this sense that -- the administration specifically
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the justice department have been reluctant it allow congress to do their constitutional oversight duties here and withholding information and we know for a fact that they've redacted under guys of national security information that had nothing to do with national security. there needs to be transparency many of us have been calling it from the moment this story started to break. and trade's point i think is most important one for god's sake a year and a half now that the steel dossier, the russian released by the media, the week before the president -- actually took the oath of office. can you imagine stuart how this administration has had to operate with this hanging over them at this point they've got to show their cards or just let this investigation go away. >> yes. bring -- bring us what you've got. please -- and do it now. it could be an october surprise, of course. larry it must be summer looks like you have a suit on there -- a good idea. >> carry this off. i make this sexy again, stuart. >> moving straight along. you look okay, son.
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you look okay. [laughter] let's get to money. e away from fashion -- [laughter] we have to be up about 90 odds point for the dow industrials maybe 100 when we actually open up. 23 up for the -- for the nasdaq. now, reported that mr. trump has told officials to get out of withdraw from the world trade organization. i'll have more on that in a moment. nicki home market and that's america on the rebound, the stock will be up huge at the opening bell that's a big stock that is going to be up 10% mike niki it is a dow stock and brian market watcher, brian welcome to the show. j thanks very much. the economy is doing very well. we can tell i mean, obviously, doing very well. will the market do well this summer? summer rally? >> been extraordinary to see how strong the momentum has been in the second quarter in the economy about and market hasn't been responding. there's reasons for that and one of had is headlines don't necessarily match the quality of the economic data we're seeing and seeing headlines about trade
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concerns, tariffs, that can diminish confidence on parts of consumers or businesses other thing we haven't seen for a few weeks now and get to be is month and earning season so it is probably going to confirm that u.s. companies are making money handover fist close to a 20% rate year over year that tengdz to be the period during which stocks find their legs able to rally the most. j so are you telling me and telling viewers summer rally? >> we think stock market can go higher and will go higher between now and the end of the year when exactly that rally happens -- >> market weamps you're always unwilling to say yes, yes -- >> i would be only -- a rally when corporations are and that period in between earning season when anything can be -- >> three weeks too early. [laughter] got another one for you -- as you know and heard our report they're reporting that mr. trump wants to withdraw from the world trade organization.
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that organization but early this morning treasury secretary mnuchin told mario that is an exaggeration. doesn't seem to me that traders had a really profound impact on the market yet has it? >> we with haven't seen any impact on economic data like spend or business investment those look relatively heament. where we could start to see impact is on confidence measure of the software data and starts to be something that weighs on minds of businesses again back to the second quarter earning season that we're anticipating what do companies say about moving operation, responding to incentives that tariffs have created both our tariffs and retaliatory tariffs overseas and something to report as very good earn what do they do going forward? >> we do appreciate it. thank you, sir. to california -- i call it the formally golden state but let's call it california or anyway looks like they have something right. now, you can opt out of your personal information being used
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online. that's interesting. susan linos more about this than yotd. did i get it right so far? >> does it pain to you to do something that california did. but we're talking about first of its kind and what they're calling a landmark privacy deal so yesterday we had the california government passing restriction on data that you put on the internet. so now you can opght out of share and prohibit the sale of it you can even ask if it to be deleted they're saying this yes it is in california. but it goes country wide because you can't just adjust rules and regulations for one state and then not apply for the rest of the country. >> it is a big deal but the fine is $7500 per violation which, you know, is significant. >> could mount up and with 2 billion users around the world on facebook yeah that's a big number. >> but is first time that the consumer has control of their information. >> in the united states in the united states it doesn't go as far as the european union one as they say but it's a start and facebook actually agrees with
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does that surprise you? >> no. because it does not change facebook's basic business model. it doesn't mess it up. not much i don't think. >> for they're selling information and rgt taying ads. but they're calculating that very few will opt out how many will actually opt out? how many? >> a service and subjected to. but they headache it because often they don't -- supposed to make it easy. california law says you have to make it easier. j but amazon and google opposed to it. >> how about facebook and google stock unaffected. that's the investor view. stay with us. you're with us for the three hours. luckily you, back to friday morning up about 100 points for the dow industrials now this, attention beer drinkers stout drinkerses i should say guinness is opening a brewery in america and first time in more than 60
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years we're going to tell you where it is going to be. more drama in tesla some employees are say musk isn't making enough model three to meet had the 5,000 car a week production goal. mufng cannot be happy about all of these leaks -- much more on that, municipal, with troubling story out of north korea executing one of the top military commanders by firing squad all because he gave extra food to soldiers under his command. question how do you negotiate with ?a? general jack keane joins us next.
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two io items on north korea upgridding a nuclear facility despite president trump claim that kim junk on vowed to disarm and he ordered high ranking army executed after accused of giving extra foods and fuel rations to their families.
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jack is strategic analyst. having negotiate with the north koreans when reportedly they're doing this stuff. >> well first of all i think it is predictable behavior. kim unis about control and a young police star general outside level of krof in terms doing something he's not supposed to do and he sends these messages loud and clear you know to his leaders that he's not, he's not goapg to tolerate are any deviation and that's the very repressive nature of this regime. and it has been leak that, you know, for this grandfather and his father as well. >> well what about this nuclear facility that is reportedly being worked on -- separate from the one they're supposed to destroy. has you been confirmed they're working on another one? dges well that isn't a positive thing. but it was likely stuart, you know, in the works way before the summit took place with president trump so it may not be as negative a thing as it
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appears to be. but here's what's happening -- i believe l we're actually facing a showdown with north korea because they -- we have asked them to provide the location and the identity of all of their nuclear facility and ballistic missile facilityings as well. so that we can verify they check them against our list we don't know where every one of their facilities are but we know if they're telling us the truth and base on that we can put together inspection regime then to go out and observe this dismantling if we don't get this list if they don't identify these facilities to us, then we don't have a denuclearization plan and we would likely have to walk away from the agreement that president trump made with kim jong-un that will take place over the next few weeks. >> here it comes i want to talk to you about the summit putin and mr. trump he doesn't seem to make deals. what do you think that mr. trump
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could walk away with with from that summit? >> yeah. well i think the major issues on the table are certainly going to be the ukraine syria, medaling in u.s. elections and fact that -- putin has been back dooring north korea with fuel and other supplies. so i think those that have major points of agreement i think what of all of those i think the one that really concerns the president the most stuart is syria because that's where we have troops and i think he does want to get those troops out of there but he's not able to get them out of there unless russia comes forwards and helps with the iranian are situation. i think that's the point he's going to try to work with putin. that reduce iran's involvement in syria. that is a tough sell. because you're iranian succeeded there and certainly don't want to back away. >> not just a talking shop but discussion and something could cool out of it. >> yeah. i definitely believe so.
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and there's a couple of things where we have common interests. international radical islamic terrorism putin is concerned about that as we are -- and also nuclear weapons proliferationing and -- arms control those are common areas to get some agreement. >> oaks. general keane always a pleasure see you soon pleasant and july the fourth if we don't see. >> thank you. check future friday morning where are we going up 110 points maybe some more 27 up for the nasdaq. president trump it went to wisconsin to attend the groundbreaking ceremony for the new fox plant and took shot at harley davids son also base inside wisconsin he's warning harley build your bikes in america or your mirrors are not going to be happy. you'll hear what the president had to say.
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well president trump had a victory lap at grouped breaking of the 10 billion plant in wisconsin last night but he also had a stern mlings for a neighboring manufacturer harley-davidson. roll tape. >> we wanted to tell by the way, harley-davidson please build those beautiful motorcycles in the usa please, okay. don't get cute with us. don't get cute.
9:24 am
don't realize taxes are coming way down. spent a lot of time with with them. build them in the usa your customers won't be happy if you don't they'll tell you that. >> it's -- is that a don't be cute with us or else -- >> certainly comes across leak that. i mean, president trump is beginning to win this one. no one makes big move like harley does and puts money in for the cost of production move and everything because of what our retaliatory tariffs a this the point nothing is being resolved this was in works a long had time before and whole issue that they were using this as smoke screen really has a lot of valid dation and i think the president win withs on this one. american iconic product. to win on it harley-davidson would have to retreat to say no we're not going to build bikes but more on merck do you really expect to do that because that's a big retreat. >> if they're getting incentive like 3 billion dollars in tax --
9:25 am
in tax free, yiel that's pretty good but i would -- argue that harley-davidson employees less than half of foxconn is producing in jobs ats that single wisconsin plant. 13,000. >> don't really annoy president trump -- because he'll call you out -- [laughter] and it won't do you much good. he will frequently. [laughter] let's lighten the mood to talk about money shall we? because it look like it is working very much in your favor this friday morning. look at that we're up 100 popts at the opening bell up 00 i think yesterday weren't we here 98 points up yesterday up about 110 at the opening bell this morning. that should carry us way up into the 24,000 range we'll be up on s&p up on nasdaq as well. follow it with us after this. ♪
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now i've got 45 seconds before market opens and question is, with what am i going to talk about for 45 seconds i can fill you on what's likely to happen had on the stock market on the other hand, i could tell you that england it appears to me lost almost deliberately to belgium yesterday -- they both secured a place in the next round of knock yacht. >> five or 16 so -- columbia on tuesday, of course,
9:30 am
i've been red faced today -- having done that but yeah they're getting easier -- >> five seconds left of world cup coverage that's all you've got buzzer in there. here we go ladies and gentlemen, friday morning, we're going to go up at the opening bell which is now ringing we are now trading -- watch us go up 107. 120. 122, 125 we're up, right from the get-go and that is a half percentage point higher. show me the s&p 500, is that a decent gain as well will the me see. yes it is up .44%. now, i want to see that nasdaq because i think that techs are rebounding nicely today big techs are and this is the technology indicator that nasdaq up a half percentage point up 37 points look at facebook and alphabet california resident can now opght the out of their personal information being used online. i've got more on that in a moment but clearly neither stock is going to the downside on that
9:31 am
news. look at nike talk about going to the upside that is an all time high and then some. a 10% gain at 79 dollars share their sales numbers rebounded nicely in north america. that's why it is up so much. tesla some employees say that the the company is not making enough model 3s to hit mosque 5,000 per week goal doesn't matter teff stock up 351 the top day california, residents there can now opt out of personal information online who -- i need help covering this. ashley webster susan lee in particular with help me on this one. david dietz and jeff, start with you jeff. california got this one right in my opinion and you say -- >> probably first time i've agree west side jerry are brown on anything -- but yes they did, in fact, get it right are. privacy is a big issue and pun fortunately the companies
9:32 am
themselves have not done a good job with this and companies lying google have fought it all along. there's no downside to this whatsoever. >> so consumers in california and i think sooner across the country because this will go widespread i'm sure they can -- give consumers right to tell companies delete the information. as well as don't sell it and don't share it. pretty broad baseed isn't it? >> it will be a template i think for the rest of the country. >> people haveeen doubling down on tech, since the since the decline. >> couple of things one is -- if this was not enangted this is a much more own or provision which companies very good fought and second, of course, this helps entrenched legacy companies like facebook and so forth this make it is hard for a wannabe to come up with army of lawyers to comply with. >> one last question if i may how many people will opt out and how many do that?
9:33 am
>> not many people are going to opght out i think what -- what everybody is saying is true that -- that trust in the -- tech companies has diminished if this gives any indicator trust will improve you'll see none. >> up 16 of points one dow component nike -- has returned to sales growth in north america and nike stock is up about 10% in the very -- 11% in the very early going. new all time high, david, i think that nike sales performance is an indicator that we've got a very strong economy. >> i think you're with right. that consumer is back a lot of that do you to tax cuts working their way in. nicki was a show me story the last three quarters, they were down, they've had management scandals, and plus it doesn't hurt to announce that 15 billion dollars buyback. >> that does -- [laughter] what do you think? >> china is big deal as well because a fifth of the revenue
9:34 am
comes from china sales up 35% last quarter. so going ahead. >> do you have the lebron james angle? i think you do. >> do you notice i'm doing e-bron james actually? >> that talented come on. get on with it. lebron james so we're on -- lebron watch, doses he go into free agency where does he go stories up there to go to the l.a. lakers which is a big team, market and play with leonard you need a superteam to win the nba championship. >> well he's a big nike select. she's sponsored by nicki that's why. you haven't bought his shoes apparently. >> apparently. let's get serious here. come on i want a serious subject on a friday morning tesla some employees -- say that tesla is not making enough model threes to hit the goal of 5,000 a week. jeff -- how much do you love tesla. >> this -- i hate to tick a bow here. but the fact is --
9:35 am
you can't take a bao the stock is at 350. but here's the problem tesla came out they said they were going to do the 5,000 -- they built this incredibly huge tent to make -- to ramp up production which made it look like they were actually the circus that they are and not automanufacture and they're coming up short and continue to come up short until the world wakes up to the fact that tesla is a sham. >> well probably have been and jeff all of this is leaking that was going on from three employee who is spoke to associated press and they said one of the bottlenecks is they don't have the paint department can't keep up with the demanding for the car because they've got the model s, they've got model x and three trying to get to 5,000 per week and they said bottom line is this is not enough paint they can't keep up that's not a negative. >> you see jeff seeger ashley
9:36 am
dug into the story and came up with a reading for itst that's why it is up a buck 51. they put two shifts on this. two shifts -- that the 12 hour shifts, and they're not even comes close to their number. so i look at it from the standpoint of if they can't do it in two shifts how do they keep -- >> i'm not a tesla stock but they've made good progress and started a month 3500 per month now they're up to about 4200. 351 per share -- check the big board high of the day ladies and gentlemen now up 175 points -- 24,392. where's the price of oil i don't thinks that's relevant to the stock market but it is at 73 per barrel. how about gasoline, the price this morning is national average 384 got it. higher profit at kb home boosted by high prices and a sales goods enough for a 5% gain. profit falling short at crowe that beer the parent therefore
9:37 am
constellation brands down 6% ouch. drug maker -- buying back shares stock buyback program spinning off eye care business market likes it up nearly 4% kroger intriguing company several stories. 2,800 stores in 35 states taking on amazon with plans per self-driving grocery delivery, and it is setting up a digital head quarter because online sales are a key part of its business. i think that kroger is with one of the principle competitors now to amazon you're going to take me on anybody. suzanne -- >> i agree because in a margin compression yes i know that's jargon but this business it is hard to make money especially when you're trying to get people to come in so kroger is doing right thing. best stock performance in nine years. >> see that cute little machine there that's driverless delivery thing for kroger deliver, isn't it cute another glimpse of the
9:38 am
future. chase -- rolling out a new mobile bank. that will be no brancheses or business done on your phone. okay is this the way of the future? >> yes. without a doubt. but it is already been the way of the the future but this another good pr attempt by chase because you can do online with existing accounts but now this is tailors for the millennials who are such an important component with emoji to like and dislike your purchase and gizmos it is they don't need -- [laughter] come on. wait a minute, i have a serious question. if we're all going online banking through these things -- why do we have to go it a branch? why does a bank need a branch? >> i think it's a -- psychological thing. i think i'm getting a little tired of everything being kaitered to millennials by the way. i think that reality of it is there's a lot of people like me that -- i am tech-savvy but i don't feel confident doing all of my financial transaction over my -- >> waiting in line -- you want to wait in line.
9:39 am
but wait a minute not many of us do 100 million dollar transactions on the phone. [laughter] s that the truth welcome aboard you're a plane corral weal call you a millennial whether you are or not. [laughter] okay i have box office numbers for you. this is surprising. $6 billion this year this is disney by the way. they're box office take $6 billion so far this year -- faster than it has ever reached 6 billion before. disney controls nearly half of the entire box office so far this year. so would you buy disney at 104? >> i would particularly when i know what the deal will be with comcast if they combine at a reasonable price disney will have close to half of all of the box office. fox -- and what's ahead for the box office this summer is probably the second close to the first best summer we've ever had at the box office disney will be -- will capitalize on that. >> i find it surprising given
9:40 am
disappointment from han solo that cost a lot of money. but -- >> disappointment. yeah, marvel still outperforming black panther avengers and the like. >> what was last tile you saw a "star wars" movie? [laughter] >> actually in december it was fantastic. not solo before but the one before. >> yijt mean to put you on the spot. >> 1978 was the last time, it is true i saw original "star wars" in sphrifng san francisco cinema and in there but myself was smoking marijuana you can get high just watching this movie. that's the truth. san francisco -- i was right on castro street right there in the middle of san francisco. high as a kite, the entire cinema. it was -- watch -- the the last "star wars" went to light speed remember -- remember that one? got me.
9:41 am
apparently so. jeff seeger segment with david dietz what a performance this friday morning. i have to tell you. check presidents big boards look at this. we're up 215 points, 24,431. big guests coming up. johnny he played for both the yankees and red sox those teams play each other this weekend. i'm gong to press him. who is he pulling for? he will tell us after this. oh, no -- check this stock artificial intelligence company backed by elon musk developing a video game playing that they say can beat some of the world's best human players. the guy who developed it is on the show, more varney after this. ♪
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all right new high for the day now we're up 230 points. 24,400. big news from h and measuring, they will be discounting clothes all summer long. come on in nicole to tell me why they're doing this. >> well we have 4 billion worth of merchandise so great for consumers you're going to debt discounts all summer long for this inventory. but it is not good for them. that's because the stock is down 20%. the inventory has been on the rise and net income down 100% and analyst think they should be closing more. i will say they are opening close to 4h. so it will work out on the positive side. back to you. >> big deal thanks very much indeed to the supreme court vacancy joining us now former arkansas governor mike huckabee i would like your personal opinion if you may do you governor huckabee want to see a profound shift in the supreme court's ideology and cultural to
9:45 am
the right do you want to see it? >> not to the right i want to see it to the constitution. i'm so from thed when people say we want a conserve fief justice we want a liberal justice. no what we want is a nonideological justice somebody who looks at the constitution, looks carefully at its words, and what they meant at the time they were written, and say, that's what we're going stick to that may be viewed as conserve withtive but it is really simply a constitutional purist which is what we need if someone wants to legislate from the bench there's a election every two years for that job. >> what i'm really getting at is rovy wade and they don't want anymore it have and they want it repealed what say you? >> well, i don't think it should have ever been placed because if that was legislating from the bench they created a right out of thin air, applied a right to privacy, to the life of an unborn child which is absurd and another thing that is happened in the 45 years since that
9:46 am
ruling. we now have a lot of biological evidence to show this is a human being but issue is not abortion. the issue is personal. >> i agree do we protect people? >> sir yods agree with with you but if president trump if he puts forward an antiabortion repeal wade virtually that way if he puts forward that nominee, you have a very tough time get i don't think you get the vote what say you? >> i think that nominee does not go into say here's what i because the case sct before him or her yet and that's one of the reasons that a lot of these hearings go totally off the rates people start asking what would you do in this case. hypothetically, the justice has to deal with the case before him or her. not deal with the case that might be presented but only the ones that are presented. and stay to the idea that i will be true and faithful to the constitution and its exact words
9:47 am
it's meaning and not legislate from the bench. now whether that takes a person to affirm person hood to believe that fifth and 14th the amendment apply to the person who might be unborn yet but is still a person so court will make that decision. >> the way around it is perhaps -- to pick up a nominee who says, i will accept the courts precedent right -- then would you accept it on slavely back to drag the scott situation stuart we've had dreadful decisions from the court i don't to accept those because they were wrong. >> fair question but extraordinary debate and we're having it all summer. but i want to draw this to your attention governor about those vulgar comments samantha b. made roll the tape. >> i have chosen and i made a conscientious decision a long time ago that --
9:48 am
i was not going to get into the fray, and that means that -- i'll absurd the body blows that come my way. a lot of class governor like your daughter if i may say so. >> well thank you very much. i think ivanka trump certainly showed that she has a lot more dignity class,nd sophistication than her critics of will if might be can look at that and see hideous vile things said about her about likes from samantha wannabe an they not see the distinction let me ask this, which much those two role models would you like your daughter to be in seriously, and put politics aside -- dot blindfold test, and tell me which one you would like for your daughter and i ask that of every american if it wasn't ivanka trump but just two women talking which one would you say i would like my daughter to act like that? >> i think i have a pretty good idea -- how 90% 95% of americans would respond. and they're with you governor. i think it is going to be a very
9:49 am
busy summer don't you? [laughter] >> i think it is going to be an incredibly busy summer and a lot of fun and a lot of sport for those who enjoy back and forth of politics. but here's what i hope is that people will realize we have elections. you don't like the direction of the government is going, go out to vote and get a choice but you don't get to shut down everybody's voice because you didn't like the return. >> well said governor indeed with you all of the way. governor huckabee thanks for joining us sir, thank you. >> have a great weekend. pretty close to the high of the day we'll take a gain of $219 points with 27 of the dow 30 on the upside in the green. general motors making the big push to turn one of their brappedz into the go to car for millennials. this one might surprise you. we will have the details next. what might seem like a small cough to you...
9:50 am
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9:53 am
guinness wait for it. opening a plant in america. wait, wait a second ashley, where and when? my calendar is marked this is going to be august third so just around the corn sore on
9:54 am
outskirts of baltimore going to have a 270 seat restaurant all in by why is guinness doing this because -- about their sales in the u.s. and because we think guinness is iconic black spout which is great by the way. but the sales in america have fallen a little flat dare i say and because again, the millennials as i look at suzanne lee into the craft beers at the specialty brewery so -- guinness will open up a brew here to try effort of making original beers if you like, the stout will come from dublin by the way, so -- suzanne lee will you drink a pint of guinness? >> i've learned that stout is not beer. that's something i learned today and i will etch that into any memory. [laughter] >> our work here is done. question for intelligent audience did you ever think of buick would be the or car brand for millennials general motors is hoping that you think of it
9:55 am
in that way. fox automotive what are they doing at buick to suit things up for millennials? >> they made a big move five years ago and brought the subcontract suv to the united states first american brapgd to enter that segment it is new entry leg segment killing cars because everybody is moving these now and moving up from there. this car outsells rest are of the buick brangd exactly what they're buying. keep in mind, though, buick's age average age is coming down but still high 50s that's it. on the way down. also sales 15,000 of those in march. and that's more than of other cars combined other side that have they have three row enclave aimed at families with two or three kids and 20, 40, 50 year olds but they have those in the lineup and not selling well and a thousand in a month in most cases and that was -- i have to ask you what happens if tariffs are imposed?
9:56 am
>> buick is in big trouble potentially they only make two cars in the united states and encore imported from korea and china and bring in cars from poland germany, and canada as with so depending how it all plays out they're well exposed. baling okay but brand is called a mark isn't it a mark -- >> that's what new people call them. [laughter] you people -- american -- right july the fourth you hit me with that one. this is -- you're done. however you want to call it. okay. three major issues surrounding midterm elections. the economy, the supreme court, immigration, i think the trump led republicans have the advantage on all of them tack that. my take is next.
9:57 am
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10:00 am
court and immigration. the trump-led gop has the advantage in all three. that's my opinion. start with the economy. this is a hands down win for republicans. as of now we are growing at a 4% rate. best in years. by november, the trump team will proclaim that prosperity has returned. the democrats have no serious response. they don't have a growth plan. the supreme court has a lot of noise coming from the left, they are appalled tat idea that the liberal dominance is coming to an end. the media will back them but ignoring equally intense feelings of the trump base, millions voted for him precisely because they wanted judicial change. they liked justice gorsuch, they want more of the same. on immigration, right now the democrats are enjoying advantage that splitting families has given them but that changes when the next wave of migrants arrive
10:01 am
and they will arrive. the left wants to let them in with campaign to abolish ice. do you think middle america will agree with that? anything can happen in politics in the next four months. there are no urn certainties, follow the trend on prosperity, the supremes and the border and things look good for republicans. trump is on a roll. the second hour of varney & company is about to begin. ♪ ♪ stuart: breaking news the economy, consumer sentiment. ashley: 92.2 final number for june. we were hoping for 99.3. none of that means anything to anyone. let me just say this, the sentiment is still pretty strong given the labor market and the economic outlook. may's final number by the way was 98, 98.2 in june, we are
10:02 am
holding our own but not as great as we were hoping. stuart: the news has been out for a minute, no impact on the market, very solid gain of over 1%. i want you to take a look at nike, that stock is at record high, they had a rebound, nice one in the sales in north america, the stocks reached $80 a share, up 11%. more on that in a second. big-tech names, we always check them, let's do it again. by the way, california residents can now opt out of personal information being used online. no impact on facebook. it's up, no impact on google, it's up 13 bucks. again, more on that in a second. profits falling short at the parent company of corona beer, that's constolation brand. the president met with three democrats, joe manchin, joe
10:03 am
donnelly, heidi kemp, all three voted for gorsuch. this is the president sort of accumulating or counting votes, isn't it, do you think that those three democrats that we put on the screen would vote for trump nominee to replace kennedy? >> well, they did with justice gorsuch. they've got a history there. it'll be very difficult to see how they do it again this fall as one of former top democratic advisers says any democrat that votes for next nominee will be abandoned by their base, their donors, their volunteers and if you vote for -- if they vote against it, you will abandon the trump voters you need in november, they are between rock and hard place. stuart: someone like joe manchin, west virginia, i think that state went from trump by, what, 40 points, 50 points, it was a massive, huge majority.
10:04 am
i can't see him turning on trump people and voting against the nominee for the supreme court. surely there's a good chance of picking up a democrat senator in the vote for the supremes. >> absolutely. and i think the three that the president talked to last night would be the three most likely choices and he also met with some republicans to make sure we are beginning the process. but this is going to be a difficult vote for a lot of democrats especially those in the state that is the president won and people like claire mccaskill will be in difficult position as they come to reelection because of this vote. stuart: by the way, in west virginia, 67 for trump and 26 for hillary clinton, i just estimated the vastness of the trump win in west virginia. hard to see how manchin would vote against it. i want to move onto immigration. at the top of the hour i was editorializing where i feel republicans had a lead and that
10:05 am
included immigration because i want to know what the democrats, what we are going to do in america when the next tens of thousands of people arrive at the border. i think the democrats will say, let them in on humanitarian grounds and i don't think that works well with the electorate, what say you? >> i completely agree. even border officials say the wall best way to keep next wave of illegal immigrants out of the country along with drugs plaguing the country. we can have strong legal immigration system. the president wants to strengthen it, change it, make it merit-base and democrats are about open borders, abolishing customs agents and letting anything and anyone across the border which could include gang members, terrorists. stuart: at the top of the hour i said look at the economy, look at supreme court and look at immigration and the trend in public opinion and voter opinion i think it's towards the republican party led by donald
10:06 am
trump, where am i going wrong if anywhere? >> i think you're spot on with the analysis and that's why we see the president's approval ratings, generic ballot and consumer confidence, business confidence soaring in america right now, republicans led by the president have a very strong message to take to the voters, the only thing we are seeing out of democrats right now is resistance and anger. stuart: yeah, mark lotter always a pleasure. appreciate it. look at the market, i call it a rally and it is, look at nike, that's a rally, $80 per share, all-time high. sales in north america going up. nice rebound there. look at that, huge company and the stock is up 11%. bring in market watcher david, david, i say that that nike -- those nike results are economic indicater for the whole economy, am i right? >> i believe in all the things you do about the economy, about
10:07 am
the health of the economy, about all the good things going on, i'm not sure, stuart, that i agree that the nike results are direct indicater of that. i'm sure there's correlation and you know how much i hate disagreeing with you, my friend, i think with individual company results we have to be carefully, if under armour would come up with negative number, does the economy mean it's going poorer, that's evident of the lens -- stuart: big apparel company in the world, that's why i'm keying on one company. >> also globally. good indication in terms of merging markets, their fingerprint is huge, i agree with that.
10:08 am
i don't take it as a negative, i think there's more about nike than anything else. stuart: give me the big picture am i on track by saying -- if i use the expression a booming economy, maybe i'm going too far but we are aggressively growing, i think we hit 4%, what say you? >> yeah, i do believe the second quarter print will be if not at 4% or higher just barely below it and i think the economy is booming and i think it's booming for a reason. it is deregulation, the result of corporate tax reform. the only people that could try to pour water on how the economy are doing are the same people that a few months ago were doing an apology tour for ms-13 and hamas. so this is just wonderful economy and the administration deserves a lot of that credit and i think once you get through some of the trade and tariff
10:09 am
things that hold us back a little, i think you'll see another leg to this. stuart: apology tour for ms-13 and hamas. you slipped that one right in there, david, that was good. >> good thing for you i wasn't in the last segment. i wanted to join with you and talk about maxine waters should be campaign chairman, she's doing more to help him than anybody in the country. stuart: you're good, david, well done, sir. david barnes, everyone, we like it. come back soon, thank you very much. >> will do. stuart: big hour for you this friday. axios reports that president trump has told white house officials he wants the withdraw from the world trade organization. steven mnuchin treasury secretary says that is a huge exaggeration. nick johnson from axios responds later this hour. elon musk, artificial intelligence company developed a bot that plays video games and beat some of the world's best human players, we will talk to the person that created the
10:10 am
technology. houston texans stars, he says president trump is too close-minded to understand why nfl players are kneeling. former major league baseball super star johnny damon trump guy with me on the studio with that story. we brought you this yesterday, two californians suing halo type ice cream saying they intentionally do not fill pints.
10:11 am
10:12 am
10:13 am
stuart: 44, 43 minutes in and holding onto solid gain, up 223 points. 24,400. check out the gold market, we are up just a buck today at 12.52, do check out bitcoin. i think the price is below 6,000
10:14 am
bucks per coin. yes, it is. 5,880 right there. that's new. check the price of oil. we've got a four-year high for you at 74.26. now this, i want to show you what we are in the business for a screen grab from msnbc, this is from maybe 45 minutes ago. they are doing a story on the economy and the budget. the banner that goes along the bottom of the screen says, budget office, ballooning debt could hurt economy, increased likelihood of crisis. i've got a question for you all, ashley, you in particular, how did they cover the debt under obama when it doubled? ashley: it did double to 19.4 trillion but they didn't cover it. let's be honest. a big part of that goes with 2009 stimulus bill that was put through but to say it doubled is correct.
10:15 am
stuart: now they are blaming the deficit on donald trump and ignoring the double of the debt under president obama. that's extraordinary. ashley: it fit it is narrative. stuart: awfully quiet there susan li. >> budget deficits, that's governmental affair, right? move on. stuart: elon musk is -- elon musk is backing an artificial intelligence company, it developed a boot -- bot that plays video games and beat some of the best human players. joining us is open ai, that's the name of the company, the cofounder greg is with us now. if you have a bot and beats humans at video games, isn't that a sign that bots, robots are taking over, isn't it? >> well, i think, first of all, thank you for having me. the artificial intelligence is really about enhancing what humans can do and if you look at what happened with humans having
10:16 am
their capabilities exceeded in go or chess has made gains more interesting and more deep that the top players have learned a lot from the systems. and before it's about building system that is can be deployed with increasing responsibility in the real world, for example, with autonomous elderly care robots that help people live their life. stuart: how is it that your bot, it does learn to get along, learns how the play these games, how do you do that? >> that's right, that's right. it actually plays 180 year's worth of game play itself every day and entirely random, walking around and not knowing what to do and trying stuff out and when it does something that was good, gets reward and it reconfigures itself to make repeating that action be a little bit more probable and keeps wandering around doing things and getting
10:17 am
better and better. one thing that we see is skill progression matches skill progression of a human, basic skills of the game and eventually starts to learn long-term planning and long-term strategy. stuart: your bot beats the world's best human players, is that accurate? >> so last year we had a preliminary version of the system which in the one-on-one version of doto2 defeated the world's best. we are working on the full 5 where you have team of 5bots that team up to play against b five humans and here we start to beat amateur teams. our goal to go to doto championships and beat professionals. stuart: you realize there's a whole new industry about human beings and teams playing videos sometimes in big stadiums with large human audience, this is a very big business, you could put that out of business, couldn't
10:18 am
you? >> well, humans still run track even though a lot faster. [laughter] stuart: do you think -- [laughter] stuart: a lot of people are worried about this, little frightened by what they might take over and do, do you share that concern, don't you? >> yes, so open ai, our core goal, benefits of technology is shared with everyone rather than locked up with one company and small group of people and we think that these technologies just like the internet before will affect everyone's lives. stuart: i'm sorry, let me ask you this, we've got some examples of workers in high-tech companies like google, for example, who don't want their company to apply their technology to the military. how do you feel about applying your technology to the military? >> so one thing about the technologies that are being built today is that they are general purpose and, in fact, the system that we built today was using algorithms that have
10:19 am
already existed that we scaled them up much larger than before. i think that the dual use nature of technologies is something that we are cognizant of and in the charter of opening eye, document released recently, we talk about how the technology that is you need to start thinking about how are people going to apply these, not just about doing scientific research. it's really about how this affects the world and so i think that our company that we are focused on ensuring the benefits go to everyone but we should acknowledge that people will be applying technologies in way that is we don't anticipate and by thinking ahead and thinking about the ways that people will abuse these technologies then we can choose to not invest in those specific areas. stuart: fascinating, thanks for being with us. you explain a difficult subject in a way that i can understand. see you later, sir. it was promised, now it's here. this is it. the new tax form, the size of a
10:20 am
postcard, we will give you a first look. stay with fox business, by the way, maria bartiromo will interview president trump. the interview will air this sunday 10:00 a.m. eastern on sunday morning futures and monday morning 6:00 a.m. on mornings with maria. fox business, everyone. man: i got scar tissue there. same thing with any dent or dings on this truck. they all got a story about what happened to 'em. man 2: it was raining, there was only one way out. i could feel the barb wire was just digging into the paint. man: two bulls were fighting, (thud) bam hit the truck. try explaining that to your insurance company. woman: another ding, another scratch. it'll just be another chapter in the story.
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10:24 am
it. >> it has arrived and on the treasury website, stuart, let us show you a picture, this has definitely slimmed down, post-card size, for example, there used to be more than 70 lines on the last 1040 form, federal income tax form and this one has more than 20 lines so they reduced it about a third. however, depending on your specific financial situation this might not necessarily be simpler because there are six potential schedules that go along with this as well, schedule a, 2, 3, 4 and 5 that you may or may not need to fill out and at the end of the day with all of this, you still have to do the math and you still have to trust that your numbers check out. you remember that the president had said one of the goals would be to hut h&r block out of business, might not necessarily do that, it is postcard size and slimmed down but at the end of the day we are dealing with taxes. the president will talk about this by the way at 12:15 and commemorate six-month of tax cut
10:25 am
act. stuart: that's the kicker. all right, blake, we will see you a bit later. thank you very much. méxico holding election this weekend, far-left candidate expected to win. we will tell you how that could affect us here in america. axios reported that president trump told white house officials he wants to withdraw from the world trade organization then steven mnuchin treasury secretary staid that is huge exaggeration, nick johnson from axios will respond next.
10:26 am
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10:29 am
else's charts and i used to know this rather well back in the day. ashley: back in the day. [laughter] stuart: we are up 200 points, that's almost 1%, 24,400 is where we are. big-tech all doing well except facebook which is down, what 60 cents. amazon, apple, alphabet, microsoft all of them on the upside. earlier this morning, axios, website, news website reported that president trump had told white house officials he wants to withdraw from the world trade organization, however, almost immediately treasury secretary mnuchin disputed the claim. listen to what he told maria bartiromo, roll tape. >> it's not right. i won't use our favorite word about -- maria: fake news. >> fake news, but this is an exaggeration. the president has been clear with us and with others, he has concerns about the wto, he thinks there's aspects of it that's not fair, he thinks china
10:30 am
and others have used it to own advantage but we are focused on free trade. that's what we are focused on, breaking down barriers. stuart: that was pretty clear. joining us axios editor-in-chief, you heard it, you reported that the president wants to withdraw, mnuchin says immediately that's an exaggeration and borders on fake news and you say what now? >> right, well, we told the white house we were going to report this, we gave them 12 hours to tell them many we were wrong and they didn't. it's interesting to say that mnuchin said this is an exaggeration as oppose to being completely wrong. no one should be surprised here. anyone who follows the president's rhetoric, anyone who followed donald trump's rhetoric for the last years as private citizen knows exactly what the north star, what he really believes, he thinks american workers and companies are getting raw deal in trade regime currently globally. first was to pull out tpp and renegotiating nafta and started trade wars in asia and europe
10:31 am
over tariffs, stands to reason if he believes all these kinds of things he would be oppose to international organization that is the foundation for that global trade. no one should be shocked that donald trump doesn't like the wto. stuart: to be precise, you're quoting white house officials saying that he wants to withdraw from the wto. >> this is what he has told -- stuart: not tomorrow morning we will give executive order and out. >> he would like to. donald trump doesn't follow process on this. he tells people who talk to us a lot of the kinds of things he wants, why this is important, why it matters as we say as axios sometimes the president doesn't follow the process. reported, remember the process of steel and aluminum tariffs, things he was saying privately and one day at the white house, meeting with reporters he says this is what we are doing, 15%, 25%. it's important to understand what the president is saying privately because sometimes he will buck the process an take action. stuart: i'm not dismissing this, your report at all, i'm not going to do that but you would
10:32 am
suggest that maybe this is just another negotiating position, another negotiating ploy. >> that's perfectly possible. white house could have told us that's possible but the important thing is looking in broader context, when the president says privately they often become public. one thing i would say in axios' defense, reporting, you may remember when we had scoop that the president was saying privately about amazon, remember who confirmed that was eventually true the president himself saying that amazon was too powerful and ripping off the government. stuart: when you were sitting there waiting to do interview, you saw secretary mnuchin and you saw the question about fake news, he didn't use the expression himself but he was pretty close. how did you feel? >> it's not fake news. i think we are right, i know we are right. johnson has excellent resources in the white house. not one person telling us, multiple people in the room with the president telling us and if you look at the reporting, it's all been correct. stuart: by the way, by repeating
10:33 am
it forcefully you did not move the market at all. >> i hope i'm not moving the market here. stuart: no, you're not. still up 240 points. nick johnson, we appreciate you being with us. thank you very much, indeed. >> thank you. stuart: next one, méxico votes for next president sunday, far left candidate expect today win. joining us expert on latin america, the whole region, wall street journal mary anastasia oh -- ogrady. what's the implication to us in america? >> foreign policy under lopez obrador. he is more inclined to align himself with other leftist governments in the region and i think that the u.s. has made some progress in working with governments, for example, to stand up to venezuela, to highlight the human rights
10:34 am
violations. stuart: you know what i'm talking about. >> i think the new government will align itself with left-wing governments. stuart: you know where i'm coming from on this. will the new leftist president if that's who wins on sunday, will he stop flow to the border or increase flow to the border? >> well, first of all, we know that the flow of the border is not mexicans right now. the flow of the border is mostly central americans. what will be his policy on stopping those central americans, i think it'll probably be pretty much the status quo. the bigger problem that i worry about in méxico is that if the economy, if he makes a sharp turn to the left with the economy, you're going to lose investment, you will lose economic growth, you are going to lose the institutional framework that has been driving towards development and that's not going to be good for mexican jobs and, yes, that might send a lot of mexicans looking for work elsewhere. stuart: sometimes said on this
10:35 am
program that parts of méxico, the southern parts of méxico are in absolute chaos, economic chaos, is that accurate? >> well, i would say that they are grossly underdeveloped and it's interesting that you bring that up because this particular candidate lopez-obrador and allies have been opponents of pipeline building, road building and general development in the south, in the south of the country. so even though they complain a lot about how the south has been left out of the sort of industrialization of méxico, they are also a lot to blame because they oppose development projects. stuart: if he does win, if the left does win, is this a real 180 from what méxico has had for many, many years? >> well, i think we know for sure is the continuity will be broken. we have been since probably 1988 working towards this development model in méxico and he will break that continuity. i expect that in the early years, he will try to pretend as
10:36 am
lula did in brazil, as you recall, he will try to say no big changes, i believe in economic progress, i believe in nafta, but little by little the people he has around him and the people he owes for this election will eat away at a lot of the progress that has been made and don't forget also that méxico needed to deepen reforms so even if he does nothing instead of going forward that will be going backwards because still a lot of work to be done in méxico. stuart: the big deal oil company. the current government privatized to some degree? >> you can do private investment in méxico. stuart: will obrador go back the other way? >> he says he will look and consider. you know, he's been very cagey on a lot of the subjects because he knew the reason why he lost in 2006 and in 2012 was he was too far left. so this time around he's tried to moderate his speech but i would say that if you look at
10:37 am
the people around him and the people who are really responsible for his election, there are a lot of people he will owe and instincts are also very i would say economic nationalism which is that the state plays a big role in the economy, you know, he talks about income inequality, all the dangerous signals that he will not be someone who promotes economic and political freedom. stuart: i'm laughing because you say income inequality is a danger signal, yes, it is. >> it's very dangerous, one -- [laughter] >> yeah. >> objectives that public policy can -- can take on. stuart: with you all of the way mary anastasia ogrady. do we get results by monday morning? >> maybe in the evening. stuart: would be the first story on the program. >> a huge chance but i kind of
10:38 am
doubt it. stuart: tesla went public 8 years ago, susan li is with us, how much would somebody make if they invested? >> more than $14,000. nineteen dollars a share, 349. record high is 385. everyone is watching for model 3 production, do we get to 5,000 mark, do we, ashley? ashley: don't ask me, if you ask elon musk, he will say, of course, we will. we have some workers now, three workers saying that, you know what, we are not hitting production numbers. there's problems, bottlenecks, one of them there's not paint, model 3 and model s and easily sold but you say that but they still continue to miss production numbers. >> pushing back. stuart: you have three employees saying this, that's it? ashley: how many do you need?
10:39 am
three assembly workers that were part of 12-hour shifts, they are out of plant in california and all spoken separately to reporters, yeah, they put like a time clock, tent over but a clock saying how many cars are being produced as they are done along the line. stuart: how do you know it's a fifth column who want to union within tesla that's putting out negative information because they want to pressure musk? ashley: we didn't land on the moon either. >> bloomberg is reporting 3,000, they have to get 5,000 by the end of the month. so far apart. we will see. ashley: do you think what we have seen fills you of optimism that they will achieve this? stuart: if investors thought there was problem here the stock wouldn't be up -- >> it should be above 385, we are not. stuart: they carried me on camera with skeptical look for time. 351 per share, what's wrong with
10:40 am
that? thank you very much. ivanka trump confirmed this morning she urged the president to change the policy of separating families at the border. we will talk to the head of the border patrol union in our next hour. but, first, former baseball star johnny damon yankees and red sox player -- >> wow. >> stuart: they play each other this weekend, he played for both teams, that's him right there, he's marching into the studio. will join us in moments a bachelor. and that's how he intended to keep it. then he met the love of his life. who came with a three foot, two inch bonus. for this new stepdad, it's promising to care for his daughter as if she's his own. every way we look out for those we love is an act of mutuality. we can help with the financial ones. learn more or find an advisor at
10:41 am
10:42 am
ashley: in the last hour governor mike huckabee told us that ivanka trump serves as role model especially on the face of unfair and harsh criticism. take a listen. >> i think ivanka trump certainly showed that she has a lot more dignity, class and sophistication than her critics ever will. if anybody can look at that and see the hideous vile things that are said about her from the likes samantha wannabe and they do not see distinction, let me ask this, which of those two role models would you like your daughter to be, seriously and put politics aside, do the blindfold test and tell me which one you'd like for your daughter and i'd ask that of every american, ivanka trump, just the two women talking, which one would you say i would like my
10:43 am
daughter to act like that? is it to carry cargo... or to carry on a legacy? its show of strength... or its sign of intelligence? in crossing harsh terrain... or breaking new ground? this is the time to get an exceptional offer on the mercedes of your midsummer dreams at the mercedes-benz summer event, going on now. receive up to a $1,250 summer event bonus on select suvs. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
10:44 am
stuart: well, look at consolation brands, the took is taking it on the chin, down 6%. the drug maker nevartus buying back shares, the market likes it, it's up 4%.
10:45 am
that's nevartus, houston player says the president is quote, too close mind today listen to players who are kneeling during national anthem. joining us now formerly major league baseball player. you must love the show in. >> absolutely. i love the show. stuart: you say the players should stand and you're a trump supporter? >> i feel like they should stand and want to stop judging on whether they stand or kneel i should say or stay in clubhouse. these guys are talented athletes and unfortunately we are viewing them as kneelers or not and that's unfortunate because they are warriors, they could get hurt on one play and lose careers, i do belief they should have long-term or guarantied contracts but the flag is important to so many of us and i think that's why the ratings are
10:46 am
going down and -- stuart: it is. >> maybe, you know, if they voice their opinion, maybe they can let us know what their injustice is and maybe we can jump forward and support them in some way. it's a tough question. stuart: but you wouldn't take action within your sport which hurts the sport? i don't think you would do that. >> no, i would not. stuart: kneeling, not respecting the flag and anthem hurts the sport. >> it sure does and that's what they need to see as well because viewership is down. we are all excited about football coming up. i mean, i love watching the sport and i do not want to judge these guys for being kneeler. stuart: we don't want to see it carry onto next season. >> no, we do not. hopefully they can stand and hopefully they can let us know what injustices are and maybe we all can join together and help them rebuild the inner cities, rebuild parks, educate people, i
10:47 am
think that's the best thing but please stand. stuart: you have to in the end. please stand. okay. we are switching sports. star of women's soccer team say that inner cities kids don't play soccer because it's a rich, white kid sport. what what's your response? >> the rich white kid sport is the tough thing to view, look at all the other countries, they're not necessarily all rich and, you know, sports are becoming for the rich because there's all the club sports now that parents just can't afford the traveling, all of the equipment, i mean, it's probably costing parents $5,000 to sign their kids up for volleyball, baseball is getting expensive. you know, the school systems just aren't enough and now they are telling these kids they have to specialize in their sports and focus on what thing and i
10:48 am
think it makes it very tough on the kids and very tough on the parents and that's why we see from 2008 to 2016 the participation in sports is down 48% down to 36% and the trend is not looking good and, yeah, there's i pads and kids are stuck on there, but -- stuart: you have 8 kids. >> 8 kids. absolutely. stuart: i've never met anybody that has more kids than me except for you. [laughter] >> i'm fortunate that i get to spend a lot of time with them and go in backyard, they can swing club and it's unfortunate. stuart: do you insist on that, i'm a parent and grandparent, it's very, very easy to give them the ipad. >> it sure is. [laughter] stuart: very easy to do. >> very convenient at times but i know some kids that they have it tough, their parents aren't around and we need to get the kids outside, we need to get
10:49 am
them healthy, we need to get them thinking right. we have to tell them to bring their a game all of the time. stuart: you play for -- played for the yankees and red sox. >> i was fortunate to. stuart: what? >> i have fortunate too and to win with both teams. stuart: i've got it. this weekend the yankees are playing the red sox, a very competitive series. who do you got? >> i want the yankees to win but the red sox are playing better right now. i mean, the yankees have been shut out a couple of times. stuart: get off the fence. who you would support? >> i support the yankees. [laughter] >> i support the yankees, i know the red sox are playing better right now and that's -- stuart: very diplomatic response. that was really good. >> but it's honest. [laughter] stuart: what are you doing here? who are you going for world cup? >> world cup, i like belgium.
10:50 am
stuart: what? [laughter] >> you know the names of the players of the belgium team? >> yeah. stuart: you follow soccer? >> i love it. i have been watching every game. i can't wait till tomorrow. stuart: i have a long-running fight with our producers because they hate soccer, i love the world cup. i'm glad that you're on my side. what are you doing next week? >> next week i'm getting ready for american century golf tournament in tahoe and i need a lot of practice. i'm a 12. competing -- it's good for me not good to compete against steph curry and tony romos. i am going to compete. i had to compete. i'm not scared to compete. [laughter] stuart: you came on the program. johnny damon you are all right.
10:51 am
thank you very much, indeed. more baseball for you coming up. former speech writer for president bush 41, he says the sport, baseball has affected many presidents personally and professionally, he will make his case in a moment. in the next hour, can you believe this, two segments on baseball, none on the world cup. it must be friday. [laughter] they all got a story about what happened to 'em. man 2: it was raining, there was only one way out. i could feel the barb wire was just digging into the paint. man: two bulls were fighting, (thud) bam hit the truck. try explaining that to your insurance company. woman: another ding, another scratch. it'll just be another chapter in the story. every scar tells a story, and you can tell a lot more stories when your truck is a chevy silverado. the most dependable, longest-lasting, full-size pickups on the road.
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ends june 30th.
10:55 am
stuart: breaking news for you, lebron james opts out of his contract. i don't know what that means. ashley: he will not pick up contract with cleveland cavaliers meaning that he will become a free agent. who is going to come in and get him, susan li broke the story? >> i think is la. everyone thinks he's going to big-marketplace we with leonard. you don't want to see one team winning every year. stuart: best player i'm told. ashley: probably. >> best in generation. stuart: if he's a free agent -- is he a free agent? he can go elsewhere. he could enrich another team and make them the champions? ashley: as justin pointed out,
10:56 am
executive producer, he always says not to give full name, he says a lot of free agents out there will wait to see where lebron goes and go with him. stuart: how much might he make? >> highest paid in nba right now. over 35. i think steph curry signed, renewed a contract, closer to 40. stuart: i'm pretty sure, he makes tons of money with endorse men. >> nike is a great example. stuart: 100 million-dollar year guy, some of the stars in world cup, to bring it back to world cup, they -- [laughter] stuart: ronaldos of this world will get 50 million, messy, 50 million. >> they make over 100 a year. ashley: of course. stuart: soccer is big. >> you said soccer. stuart: in america if you call it football they think it's the oval ball that you throw.
10:57 am
i better move on. july 4th holiday is upon us with a voice like this i'm clearly an immigrant and i will like to tell you how grateful i am for all that america has done for me. will do it on my take at te top of the hour next slide 'em up or slide 'em down. so let's see. for most of you, it's lower a1c. but only a few of you are thinking about your heart. fact is, even though it helps to manage a1c, type 2 diabetes still increases your risk of a fatal heart attack or stroke. jardiance is the only type 2 diabetes pill with a lifesaving cardiovascular benefit for adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease, significantly reducing the risk of dying from a cardiovascular event and lowering a1c, along with diet and exercise. this really changes things. .
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11:00 am
. stuart: i'm clearly an immigrant, with a voice like this, it's obvious i was not born in the bronx. this is my last editorial before the july 4th celebrations and i want to use my time to tell my fellow americans how grateful i am for all that america has done for me. regretably, so many immigrants appear in the media with complaints. i find if absurd that anyone who comes here should start making demands and find it annoying at the very least that anyone who wants something done about 10 million illegals should be branded immediately a racist. in my adult life, i've lived and worked in east africa, hong kong, england, india and
11:01 am
australia. america is the least prejudice place i've ever been to, and i have a multiracial family. bigtime. the moment i arrived i could smell opportunity. unlike england, nobody seemed to care what my dad did for a living. no class system to keep me down, it was a vast country where anyone could start at the bottom of the tree and climb as far as brains, talent and drive could take you. i have the advance of a good education, i speak the language and come from a country well regarded by most americans. i got a leg up from the start. i got. that but america is wide open for everyone, and america is a very welcoming place. where else in the world can someone with a very foreign accent go on tv and tell you the locals what's going on in their country. if i spoke german with a british accent, you think i could do the news in berlin?
11:02 am
not a prayer. i have felt the warm embrace of america, and i'm very grateful. thank you, everyone. . stuart: i'm almost in tears. all right, check the big board, the dow 30, 28 winners, 2 losers, the high for the day, we're up 276 points. look at facebook, google. california passing a tough online privacy law, you can now opt out of having your information shared online. those stocks not hurt by that news at all. both of them are up. facebook 12 cents. okay. joining us john layfield, the ceo of the layfield report. all right, john, i think california got this one right. what say you? >> i think they did as well. very similar to what they did in europe with the privacy laws as well. this one you can opt out, and europe you have to opt in.
11:03 am
the one thing that advocates are a little upset about is the fact if you opt out for subscription sites, they can charge you extra. they are able to share the data. this is standard. i think the reason the stocks have not moved at all is because people saw this coming. stuart: i don't think people will opt out. some will, obviously, but the vast majority, i don't think they will, i think they'll stay in with the free service. >> i agree. i believe it's almost a nonfactor from as far as the companies go. i'm certainly not looking to opt out myself and i don't think most people will. most people understand that's how facebook and google pay for a lot of the free services that we get and a lot of people are not going to choose to opt out. stuart: okay, i want to talk about tesla. employees there, three of them, say that the company isn't making enough model threes to meet musk's production goals. i got to tell you, john, i think that sounds like internal sabotage to me. only three employees
11:04 am
complaining. >> these guys should be fired. what human beings work for a company paying them and take care of the family and sabotage the company by releasing internal data. this is terrible. that's a bigger issue that elon musk has than just the production. sounds like from these guys, they are producing 300 cars per 12 hour shift, 4200 cars a week, just short of the 5,000 goal he said he'd reach by the end of june, they are closer than what people were guessing before this data was released. if this data is true. stuart: real fast, john, what do you say to the idea of a nice summer rally? >> i think it's on the table. i think if we can get away from the trade talk and get away from the lack of investment coming into the united states, the administration talked about, i think we have a rally on the table. stuart: john, thanks for being with us today. back to the beach, young man. it's a lovely day out there. thank you. now this. nike, that stock is a very big
11:05 am
winner today. reported strong sales in north america. the stock is up 11%. that is a huge gain for a company of that size. joining us, moody's managing director john lonski. could i take nike's results as an economic indicator suggesting a strong economy? >> it's a positive sign, it tells me the labor market is indeed doing a lot better. we tend to find that apparel store sales increase as jobs begin to increase and this is especially true with nike for younger people. younger people who have had a hard time finding work are finally getting jobs again. stuart: okay, are we on target for better than 3% gain for the economy this calendar year? >> we'll be close to 3%, but i think the important fact is we continue to move that unemployment rate lower, and with this, we're also hoping for the sense of more opportunity on the part of those in the labor force, especially the younger people. they begin to see upside potential that seemed to have
11:06 am
disappeared years past. stuart: you see that on the screen, the retail xrt, the retail etf, okay? that chart backs up my point. that the retailer is doing well because the economy is doing well. >> exactly. i want to add something else. we had a report this morning on real consumer spending, no growth in the previous month, that's nonsensical given the fact if you look at the retail sales, excluding gas station sales, retail is up 7%. retail is doing darn good, will continue to perform well as long as the unemployment rate moves lower. stuart: talk to you about the debt and the debt bomb. the congressional budget office, bean counters in congress, the national debt will nearly equal the size of our economy in ten years' time. people say that's a worrying sign, the debt bomb is coming. what do you have to say? >> we have enough difficulty trying to predict what's going to happen in the economy one year from now, never mind ten
11:07 am
years. perhaps that will not occur because we get faster than expected gdp growth or gdp taxes increase and the deficit isn't that great. let me add this, though, right now japanese government debt approximates 253% of japan's gdp. averaged 137% of japan's gdp from i think 1980 through 2017, the japanese economy is doing well, it's hanging in there. the japanese currency isn't nosediving. if i were to have a worry about u.s. government debt, what i would focus on is the u.s. dollar. the u.s. dollar remains strong, then so what? it's when the u.s. dollar begins to weaken, you scare off foreign investors that we could find ourselves facing a debt bomb. stuart: in the immediate future, by that i mean the next six months, the debt bomb does not explode. >> i don't think it does at all. the 10-year treasury yield is lower compared to a couple of
11:08 am
months ago. it has a hard time staying above 3%. and unless treasury bond yields begin to lift off, take off. chances are that we can shoulder a heavier u.s. government debt burden. stuart: a report this morning president trump wants to withdraw from the world trade organization quickly countered by the treasury secretary who said that's an exaggeration. what say you? >> i believe the treasury secretary. i don't think trump is going to go ahead given all the progress in deregulation and tax cuts and say snatch it defeat from the jaws of victory. he's going to be very careful with the trade issue, an eye on what the market is doing. if the market says no, no, no, he's going to back off. stuart: lonski, you did your friday morning duty. >> my pleasure. stuart: much obliged, thank you. first lady visited a arizona detention center.
11:09 am
the national border patrol council disagrees vigorously. they will be here to make that case. a story this network has been all over, the major shortage of truck drivers in this country. this hour, jeff flock is at a truck driving school in illinois. and how about this on the weekend before the 4th of july? a story of the american pastime, baseball. coming up, we're joined by former speechwriter for george bush, 41. many have affected presidents in office, i want to know, has baseball affected president trump? he'll tell us. and look at the george washington bridge in all its glory on a sunny day in lake june. ♪ your insurance rates skyrocket after a scratch so small you could fix it with a pen. how about using that pen to sign up for new insurance instead.
11:10 am
for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. so let's promote our summer travel deal on like this. surfs up. earn a $50 gift card when you stay just twice this summer. or, badda book. badda boom. book now at
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11:12 am
. stuart: look at different
11:13 am
markets on an upday for stocks. gold up just a buck 40 at $12.52. bitcoin is still below 6,000, $5,800 a coin. oil, four-year high for oil. $74 per barrel. gas, the national average is creeping up again, now $2.85 up about a penny from yesterday. now this. first lady melania trump making second trip to a border in a week, she went to a detention center in arizona. the left says the humanitarian thing is to let everybody in. let them in. our next guest disagrees, he wrote trump's wall is the best way to end the humanitarian crisis on our southern border. brandon jud wrote the piece and joins us now. you're saying you want to be a humanitarian, build the wall. that's the direct opposite of what the left is saying, let them all in.
11:14 am
you make your case. >> of course it's the direct opposite. the left has been putting these women and children in the hands of these smugglers for years, it's been their policies, what they've been advocating for that allows these women and children to be raped, to be used and abused by the smugglers. the only way we can end this is if we actually enforce our laws the way the laws were written on the books. the other thing that we have do is we have to send a clear message to everybody that we are serious. we have to be able to dictate where illegal crossings take place, and all of these things can be accomplished with that wall, and so absolutely, the wall in fact will decrease all of these unfortunate policy positions that the democrats stand on. stuart: just a real fast question about border crossings. you say the smugglers are doing a lot of it. what proportion of those people who do cross the border, what
11:15 am
proportion are smuggled in, in groups, organized groups. >> every one of them, you got to understand when i joined the border patrol in 1997, you had mom and pop smuggling organization said, you also had people that would cross illegally by themselves. right now all crime is controlled by organized cartels. criminal cartels control everything that happens on the border. do you not cross the border illegally unless the criminal cartels allow you to cross the border illegally and to do that you have to pay them all criminal activity is controlled by the cartels. they control everything and smuggle everybody in. stuart: you want to make a point about that. a lot of people do not know that. they simply say smugglers are getting people across. what you told us is dynamite stuff, the border is controlled by drug cartels. you don't come across unless you pay them. not many people know that, brandon. >> again, that's what's unfortunate which is why -- look, again, i'm grateful for
11:16 am
shows like yours, which are willing to shine the spotlight what the actual issue is. if we shine the spotlight on the issue, then we can fix the issue, we have to acknowledge that the issue exists, but you got to understand, even the people crossing illegally and giving themselves up, the family units, they're paying smugglers to get from their country up to the border with the united states and mexico, and so everything is going through the smugglers' hands, you cannot do anything without paying them. stuart: real fast, brandon, i can tell you that the economies of guatemala, el salvador and some degree nicaragua are in dire shape. i expect a new wave of migrants coming north. what do you say? >> we're already starting to see that, and, again, what's really disappointing is the more that the left continues to talk about let everybody in, the more the left talks about an amnesty, the more people are going to come. that's just more dangerous for
11:17 am
us. stuart: brandon judd, always a pleasure, thanks for being on the show again. appreciate it. >> thank you. stuart: check this out, spacex launched 15th cargo mission to the international space station. it has a special passenger on board that falcon 9 rocket. the ai robot cimon was featured on the show yesterday, called cimon, the first-ever ai robot live at the space station. we'll have it on the show. >> a companion. stuart: singer ed sheeran sued by marvin gaye's estate. they say thinking out loud is a ripoff of his classic let's get it on. up next, you can decide. now look at washington, d.c. eagle cam. mr. president and the first lady, a pair of mated bald eagles. live on your tv screen.
11:18 am
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every corporate office, warehouse and store near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. . stuart: marvin gaye's estate is suing singer ed sheeran for $100 million. they say sheeran's song thinking out loud is a ripoff of gaye's classic let's get it
11:22 am
on. we'll let you decide. first listen to sheeran's thinking out loud. ♪ take me into your loving arms ♪ ♪ kiss me under the light of a thousand stars ♪ ♪ place your head on my beating heart ♪ >> okay, you got the message there. listen to marvin gaye's let's get it on. ♪ let's get it on ♪ sugar ♪ let's get it on ♪ we're all sensitive people >> i'm not going to make the decision. they are. make your case. >> very similar chords. i would say 80% there. stuart: 80%? okay. >> even though i love ed sheeran, my favorite marvin
11:23 am
gaye song. >> i don't think so, not the "blurred lines" where they sur sued and won, this one i don't think so. stuart: i'm with you, ash. >> really? stuart: yes. it was different key, i think. slightly different pace. >> not as obvious as the "blurred lines" ones which was close. i don't think so. stuart: i don't think marvin gaye's estate wins this one. >> can't they split it, maybe? $100 million lawsuit, isn't it? stuart: it's either the same or it's not, i don't think. i'm not the lawyer. >> the jury will decide. stuart: never be a lawyer. other headlines for you. chase rolling out an all mobile blank called fin, f-i-n-n, you can open an account, make a deposit, send money, who needs a branch? barbie getting into a new profession, robotics engineer, mattel hopes it helps girls
11:24 am
learn coding skills. inspire computer games that teach girls about math, logic and problem solving. disney's new toy story land opens in florida's hollywood studios tomorrow. two main attractions are slinky dog dash, which is a family-friendly roller coaster, and alien swirling sources, which spins riders around and around and around, like the tea cup ride in the magic kingdom. >> which makes me nauseous. stuart: now this. the story the network covering for months. the major shortage of truck drivers. up next, jeff flock, he's at a truck driving school in illinois. don't miss that. briefly take a look at memphis, tennessee on a beautiful day. ♪
11:25 am
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♪. stuart: yes, toby keith. toby keith. my big old truck. [ laughter ] >> now, there is a shortage, a big shortage of truck drivers
11:29 am
in this country. come on in jeff flock who is at a truck drivers school in illinois. jeff, i got to believe with the shortage like we've got, there's got to be a line out the door to get into a truck driving school. tell me. reporter: and you know me myself, i'm only about one alleged liberal comment from my last appearance on the "varney" program. it's best to have a backup employment plan. if i were to drive a truck, i'd be assured of the job, stuart. this is the 160 driving academy outside of chicago. 32 schools now. >> 32 from here to laredo, texas. reporter: lowell is the chief driving instructor who has as much experience out there. you have seen this demand? partly truckers and the economy, they're dropping out. >> the demand has been through the roof, and huge labor pool
11:30 am
shortage in general. reporter: the 51,000 truckers is the number needed this year. i mean, it's a crazy number, when you think about all the freight that moves and with the economy booming at the moment, that's essentially what you're up against. this whole lot, dutch is out there with the other camera able to see. this lot is filled with people now taking tests and that sort of thing? >> practicing for tests, whether it's skill or driving down the road. they test once a week when the state comes tout test them. reporter: lowell was telling me almost half the guys have jobs already, they're training for who? >> training for companies. when they are out of here, they have a job waiting for them. reporter: you can't get them fast enough. this school. 160 driving academy started with one school in 2012. they now have 32 and 110 instructors? >> yep, 110 instructors. reporter: here's the message i
11:31 am
want to leave you with. they want to send the message this is not only a well-paying job because truck pay is going up but this is the backbone of america in terms of moving freight. >> the backbone of the economy, professional job that keeps roads safe and we're going to keep going until we have schools across the country to serve our carrier partners with drivers that are safe on the road. reporter: this is the 2012 freightliner that i am in the seat of. if i learn to drive, it i'll tell you, mr. varney, you know what i'm saying? i'm going to be a truck driver. stuart: jeff, if you can hear me, real fast, what's the average of the salary of the drivers who graduate from the truck driving school? reporter: average salary of a driver that graduates from your school? >> 45,000 first year out. reporter: 45,000, that's not a ton. >> but a good middle class job. reporter: and it grows. >> it can grow to 100,000+ a
11:32 am
few years in, especially if they get the right endorsements. reporter: lowell, you made a good living? >> yes, i did. it was part of my job everywhere i went. they kept me in the game. reporter: thank you very much. jose, thank you. mr. varney, you need a job, this whole thing doesn't work out in television. there you go. stuart: nice touch there, flock. [ laughter ] >> you'll be back next week, i promise. jeff flock at the driver school. our next guest is at the white house today to celebrate the six-month anniversary of the tax law bill. but he says it's up to congress to keep the momentum going. michael bellman is with us, the ceo of associated builders and contractors. michael, welcome back to the program. good to see you. >> good to see you, stuart. stuart: if it's up to congress to keep things going, i want to know exactly what do you want congress to do? >> well, stuart, we for a
11:33 am
really great construction boom. we're going to have $1.3 trillion to spend. that's historical. yes, added 286,000 jobs over the last 12 months in our industry, we have to add more. the president issued an executive order expanding apprenticeships in america. we've issued a report. there's a lot of great findings. the findings are working their way into perkins and prosper act that are in congress, we need those passed so the president can sign those into bill to expand apprenticeships and fill the jobs we need. stuart: what about open competition in government contracting. that's one of the things you would. will you explain that for us? >> absolutely. fair and open competition is an act in congress. we've got about 100 cosponsors so far. it is all about welcoming all of the 7.8 million workers to construction sites. currently there's an executive
11:34 am
order by the previous president on the books that encouraging mandated pla's, project labor agreements, which are project, basically project bargaining agreements that don't allow 86% of the workers who choose not to be part of a union to construct america's infrastructure. stuart: can that be changed very, very quickly? i know what you're referring to, isn't that the davis-bacon act or something like that, if you are on a government contract you have to employee union wages or union workers. i think that's what you want to get rid of, correct? >> davis-bacon, is a completely different legislative act that we'd like to improve. project labor agreements are specific structured bargaining agreements for projects that basically force companies to have their employees join a union in order for them to
11:35 am
work, we'd like to get those in a situation where we have legislation that does not mandate nor prohibit union or nonunion labor it. welcomes all workers to the construction world. as a matter of fact, stuart, 24 states have passed fair and open competition legislation over the last five or six years. the language is tested at the highest courts of the land. the path is paved for fair and open competition. there are many reports out there as well that show that fair and open competition optimizes participation and lowers the cost of construction by 12-18%. stuart: okay, one more time, go back to the construction industry. how many jobs are open now in construction, and how many will open up in the next year, say? >> so we estimate we have currently about 500,000 jobs open in our industry at the moment. let's say we continue to grow at a modest 2-3% rate.
11:36 am
if we actually get infrastructure passed and add another $100 billion a year, we could add another 600,000, 700,000 jobs over the next two or three years. stuart: got it. michael, always a pleasure, see you soon. >> thanks. >> got it. massachusetts raising minimum wage to $15 an hour. republican governor charlie baker signed the bill, which will raise the wage from $11 to $15 over the next four years. the bill institutes a paid family leave program. that in massachusetts. time releasing this list of the most influential people on the internet. they include president trump. the students of parkland, florida. kanye west. drudge report creator matt drudge. kylie jenner, the youngest sibling in the kardashian-jenner plan. "time" looking at impact on social media and overall ability to drive the news. i'm not on there!
11:37 am
neither are you! >> ash? stuart: there is always time. >> not for me, there isn't. [ laughter ] >> check the big board, we're up 258 points. just over 1%, and we've got 28 of the dow 30 in the green. that means they are up. washington, d.c. plans for the major league baseball all-star game next month. it's the perfect time to look how u.s. presidents learned baseball and how the game affected their time in office. speaking of which, look at our beautiful international nation's capitol. ♪ buy me some peanuts and cracker jack ♪ ♪ i don't care if we never get back ♪ ♪ let me root, root, root for the home team ♪ hi, i'm joan lunden with a place for mom,
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senior living has never been better, and there's never been an easier way to get great advice. call today. a place for mom -- you know your family, we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice. . reporter: i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. you want your groceries delivered to your home? how about a driverless vehicle to do exactly that. kroger is working with a company. the vehicles are smaller, about half the size of a sedan, no steering wheel. no safety operator, but after a survey, they found that people feel they don't want to shop online because they want to save on cost. that is exactly the goal here. so they want to save on costs and this driverless vehicle will come to your home. catch is you better be at home to get it because there's no one to deliver it to you. they want this obviously to take on amazon and walmart as
11:40 am
they creep in, in the food business, kroger today up more than half a percent, and others who are trying driverless as well. yum brands and domino's pizza but said it won't be available for a few years. they all got a story about what happened to 'em. man 2: it was raining, there was only one way out. i could feel the barb wire was just digging into the paint. man: two bulls were fighting, (thud) bam hit the truck. try explaining that to your insurance company. woman: another ding, another scratch. it'll just be another chapter in the story. every scar tells a story, and you can tell a lot more stories when your truck is a chevy silverado. the most dependable, longest-lasting, full-size pickups on the road. and i recently had hi, ia heart attack. it changed my life. but i'm a survivor. after my heart attack, my doctor prescribed brilinta. it's for people who have been hospitalized for a heart attack. brilinta is taken with a low-dose aspirin. no more than 100 milligrams as it affects how well brilinta works.
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11:42 am
masc mascot geoffrey the giraffe. guinness opening up first u.s. brewery. this place featured 270 seat restaurant plus a tap room. they're going to focus on producing craft beers for the u.s. market. diageo is the parent company but that has multiple brands of liquor all around the world. got it. our next guest has a new book about how baseball has affected presidents, both in office and in their personal lives. curt smith is with us, former speechwriter for bush 41 and author of the book, the presidents and the pastime. welcome to the show. good to see you, sir? >> thank you, stuart, great to be with you. stuart: now you tell me how baseball has affected president trump? >> [laughter] . >> well, not to a great extent
11:43 am
as president but did before he became president. he grew up a great yankees fan, then became a fine ballplayer for the new york military academy. the philadelphia phillies and my team wanted to draft him, sign him, he wanted to be a major league player. stuart: is that true? wait a second, wait a second, we didn't know anything about that. what? >> no, i know, as i go around the country and talk on radio and television, people are shocked. that might go under fake news that is not news until now. but it is true, they wanted to draft him. they wanted to sign him. the draft was not in operation for several years but they wanted to sign him with what was called a bonus babies contracts and he could have signed, but as he said prophetically, he said i didn't want baseball money, i wanted to make real money, and make real money he did! [laughter]. stuart: let's move onto president obama, how did
11:44 am
baseball affect him? >> almost negligably. tried to feign he was a baseball fan. he had the lobtoss, when he threw the ball in comiskey field, he threw the game away. at yankee stadium and finley park before becoming president, my suggestion to the president would be get on the road, show you that appreciate the ritual of throwing out the first pitch whether it be with the all-star game in washington next month and/or throwing out the first pitch next year, show us you're a part of american tradition, making america great again in that way as well. get out there and throw out the first pitch. stuart: your book implies that all presidents have been affected in some way by baseball. but, look, i live in hoboken,
11:45 am
new jersey, and there's a little monument that says double day invented baseball in 1840. george washington in the first, five or six or seven presidents couldn't have been affected by baseball, could they? >> he was, but he showed that at valley forge in the terrible winter of 1777-78 he played a facsimile of baseball. stuart, you may be familiar with this because it was a baseball antecedent imported from the mother country played by the father of his country. called rounders. it came from great britain. stuart: oh, oh, did you know? -- wait a second. did you know that in england rounders is a girls' game. did you know that? back in my day. >> some have thrown out the ball like girls. in this sense -- stuart: careful, careful. >> i know. stuart: you can't say that. >> i said it's the old -- not
11:46 am
they believed in that. stuart: curt, i've got to tell you something, i've got a daughter that can throw a bean ball like you wouldn't believe. >> well, having been less than substantial hitter as a little leaguer, i'm hardly in a position to. >> i all right, let's wrap it up with this. who was the president most affected by, most interested in baseball? >> well, there have been three of them. franklin roosevelt having saved the game in world war ii and two republicans, richard nixon who had an almost walter mitty endearing arm for the game. terrible athlete but loved the game. and my former boss, bush 41 who swung a bat at age 5, said to himself, baseball is everything, and here we are 89 years later and he's still watching the game on television, still loves it now. stuart: great stuff, curt. thank you for joining us. good book, too. >> thank you, stuart. thank you. stuart: nice gain, 265 up for
11:47 am
the dow. now this, maxine waters claims she's cancelling some upcoming events because she's receiving death threats. ironically this comes as she's calling for harassment of trump officials. next, amy kramer with women for trump. there she is on the screen. she has received death threats because of her politics. we'll discuss that with her. first, though, just look at san diego, california. 300 days of 72 degrees and sunny. i want to be a weather forecaster there. little foggy today, though. we'll be back. at fidelity, our online u.s. equity trades are just $4.95. so no matter what you trade, or where you trade, you'll only pay $4.95. fidelity. open an account today.
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11:51 am
. stuart: congresswoman maxine waters canceling upcoming events. she says she's getting death threats after calling for harassment of trump officials. our next guest did indeed receive death threats. she is amy kramer with women for trump. amy, welcome to the program. good to see you with us today. >> hey, thanks for having me on varney. great to be here. stuart: it's stuart, by the way. >> stuart, i'm sorry. i know that. stuart: no worry, no worry. i want to know when did the death threats start and what
11:52 am
form did they take. tell us, please. >> so the death threats started last week. i've had them before, nothing this vile. they started and happened after a did a number of cnn interviews, tv interviews and they came in voice mails and also via e-mail through the website, and they're really disturbing. you can't put them on air. stuart: when you are on cnn, what kind of thing were you saying, knock it off, end this harassment and public violence, almost? >> no, i wasn't even talking about that. what we were talking about was immigration, and i go on cnn often. i've been doing cnn for years. you know what it's like when you're on air with somebody, you have a political, spirited debate and you go offair and you hug each other, may go out to dinner, whatever. it's taken a completely different turn now where it's very personal, and been over the last several month but ratcheted up over the last couple weeks with the
11:53 am
immigration debate, and basically all i'm saying is number one, that the separation of children and families did happen under the obama administration. number two, we're a nation of laws, yes, we're a nation of immigrants but when american citizens have to obey the law, immigrants need to on, way the law too and we need to fix the immigration crisis, and it's incumbent on both parties to do it. obama could have done it in 2010 when he had a veto approved majority in the senate but he didn't do it, and now we need more seats in the senate obviously. but i think both parties need to come together and fix the situation. stuart, the reality is, the democrats don't want to fix it. if president trump were to grant 100 million people amnesty, it wouldn't be enough for the democrats. they want the issue for midterms. stuart: back to the death threats that were posed to you. i understand you actually responded to some of them. did you call people or e-mail them back? how did you respond? >> well, i posted on twitter to
11:54 am
all my haters, keep it up, you inspire me to fight harder. that's what they want is for me to go away. i'm not going to go away. we've reported it to the authorities. but the bottom line is this is america, no one should be threatened with physical violence or death threats because of our political beliefs. it's wrong. and so i just -- you know what? i'm praying for them stuart, i am praying for them. and i would say that everybody needs to calm down. you know, if you believe in god, you need a little more god and less politics. if you don't, go do yoga, get a dog but life is more than politics and i hate that we're living in these people's heads rent-free, obviously we are and they are unhinged. stuart: would you go back on cnn if invited? >> yeah, i was supposed to be on last night, but with the breaking news, they canceled me. listen, as long as i'm physically able to go and they ask me to go, i will go. what the left wants is to shut
11:55 am
me down. they want to shut all conservatives down, and they want cnn, msnbc, the networks to say we can't get anybody to come on and defend the president or defend his policies. guess what, as long as this girl can go, i will be there, and i will debate the issues all day long. but i'm not going to participate in, you know, personal assault or personal attacks on others. that's not right. this is not personal. this is about policy and politics and that's what it comes down to. stuart: thank you for joining us amy. we do appreciate it. we like a enforcement statement of where you're coming from. great story that you told us. thank you. >> thank you, thank you. stuart: got a programming note for you. maria bartiromo interviewing president trump and it will air sunday. this sunday, 10:00 a.m. eastern on sunday morning futures. monday at 6:00 a.m. on "mornings with maria." interview with the president. more "varney" after this. you're about to see the new york city skyline. ♪
11:56 am
11:57 am
11:58 am
stuart: my take, my editorial at the top of the is 1:00 hour i was saying how i happen to love america and i'm grateful for all that's been done for me once i've mere for 40-odd years. that editorial brought in quite a few comments. nathan says great opening speech for the 11 clm a.m. hour. love your show. this is from christine, just heard your remarks about being an immigrant in the usa. thanks for sharing. kathy writes, stuart, we're glad you're here. you remind us to be thankful for what we have. susan says you make your country better. lew and says almost in tears. todd horowitz, great to have you
11:59 am
here, man. >> thank you very much. stuart: we also have with us ashley webster. you are a citizen. >> i am also an immigrant. i became a citizen in 1994. i have been in the country since 1982. i was sworn in helena, montana. that was the first place i got my tv career under way. gorgeous place up in montana. it was two citizen and one from the czech republic. four of us. stuart: it was at knew ark, new jersey, the federal courthouse. there were 44 nationalities represented in the room. and it was a small room. >> it's very emotional actually. more than you realize. you suddenly say wow. it was a great day. stuart: i don't think there was a dry eye in the place where i was sworn in. and this is two years ago just before the last presidential election. everybody was there. everybody had tears in their
12:00 pm
eyes. >> of course. stuart: very emotional moment. >> very. stuart: sorry to leave you out of this, susan. welcome to america. >> welcome to the show. how about that. stuart: neil cavuto, it's yours. neil: i'm relieved you got here legally. we are all better for it. thank you very much. stocks have a good end of the month, end of the quarter, first half of the year with the 217 point advance here. a lot of this may be in recognition of the tax cuts and everything else the administration is celebrating and crowing about for good reason. they have argued that this is the win that the market is back, the economy is back and may be a reason why the chinese, europeans you name it will capitulate and give what the president wants on trade. it's anyone's guess. what is not is the president making sure that the world knows what happened six


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